New baby arrived! Let the world know!

When you get a new addition to your family you certainly want to share it with the whole world. Well, maybe not the whole world but with your family and best friends at least, don`t you?

Birth announcements is the way to do it. Use some of your newborn photos and personalize your card. You can do it yourself or ask your photographer to do it for you. That way you get truly unique announcement design made just for you and your baby. You can spread the news by e-mail or social media. Do not forget to treat your family and closest friends with the traditional printed birth announcement though.They will appreciate that they have some of the early photos with baby stats displayed on their fridge … or even better place and you will keep a spare copy as a keepsake for you and your baby. This is truly a must have.

If you are looking for some inspiration visit Shutterly birth announcement ideas page. I was honored to have some of my newborn photos featured on this website, too. Can you find those?

birth announcements